Over night tours

Our Overnight tours are getting increasingly popular and it pays off to book early.


Down below we have some set dates for the multi day-tours that we run the season of 2018/2019. If you are a small group that want to go for this type of tour, we are also able to set different dates.


Date set tours 2018/19.  2-days.

Fjällområde Turens namn Datum Antal platser
Sälenfjällen ”Cold nose tour” 2 dgr 20-21 jan.  2019 Full booked
Sälenfjällen ”Mid winter tour” 2 dgr 17-18 feb. 2019 Full booked
Sälenfjällen ”Winter light Tour” 2 dgr 10-11 mars 2019 Full booked


Date set tours 2017/18. 3-days.

Lima- Sälenfjällen ” Wild Mountain Tour” 3 dgr 30 mar – 1 april 2019 3 platser



Two Days-tour


This tour is for you that want to experience the wilderness with the dogs, perhaps for the first time.

Here you get to learn how to run your own sled, and how to take care of a group of excited sled dogs.

We travel several miles per day and we stay overnight in a simple cabin or tepee with only a fireplace as our source of heat. If you wish to try, we may also instead sleep in tents or in a bivouac.

Before the tour starts we go through how to control the sled, necessary equipment, what to pack, etc. Your guide will instruct you on how to control the dogs and what types of problems that may arise during the tour.

Our guides are professional dog sledders and know everything about the dogs and about being out in the wilderness, so feel free to ask them about anything if you have any questions.

We stop for lunch after about half the day. Then you also get the chance to pet the dogs and get to know them a bit better. When we finally arrive for the evening, we set our sleds and hurry to give the dogs their food before we ourselves get our well deserved dinner.

Guaranteed you will sleep well to the crackling of the fire and the soothing noises of the wilderness.


The morning routines start early, with dogs that need to be fed and harnessed. After breakfast we prepare our sleds and start to head home.

You will now realise that you have learnt quite a lot from yesterday, and controlling the sled will be a lot easier today. The dogs will start to recognise your voice and you will see that they get excited from the encouragement you give them.

We arrive at our starting point in the afternoon and you get the chance to pet our dogs and say good bye for this time.

Even if the weather varies we can ensure you a great nature experience together with the dogs in the wilderness, and we warn you that this will give you a taste for more.



  • The tour takes two days with one sleep over. We travel between 40-60 kilometres per day.
  • The tour includes lunch and dinner (day 1), and breakfast and lunch (day 2). We provide you with sleeping bags and sleeping mats.
  • There are 4-8 dogs per sled depending on the surface we will travel on and depending on if you are two or one person per sled.
  • We stay overnight in a simple cabin, tents or bivouacs.
  • You have to be 16 years or older to participate.
  • You will need to bring your own suitable clothes for the tour, but if you miss something we will gladly help you.
  • You will receive a PM with further information when booking the tour.


Prices: 4800 SEK/person incl. tax.




Three Days-tour


This tour is a bit longer for those who want to experience a bit more.


On this tour we have the time to travel further into the mountains, and with an extra stay overnight we also have the time to get to know our dogs a lot better. The tour starts at our kennel or at our base camp in Tandådalen, and we start the day by packing our sleds and prepare our equipment.

The guide will go through how to control the sled and informs you on possible problems that may arise during the tour, and how you should handle them.

We eat our lunch after half the day has gone and take a well deserved break, since the first day usually tends to be a bit exhausting when controlling the sled for the first time. We reach our first destination before it gets dark and feed the dogs as soon as possible, since they have done the hardest work. We prepare our own dinner and it is guaranteed to taste good after an entire day in the mountains.

Evening cosiness tends to be quite short and soon both man and beast will sleep tight to the crackling of the fire.

Day two starts with breakfast for both us and the dogs. Then we pack our sleds and continue further into the wilderness.

The second day tends to feel a bit better since you now have gotten more used to controlling the sled and the dogs have gotten more used to your voice. The evening routines are similar to those of the first day, and everyone is guaranteed to have something spectacular to tell the group from todays journey.

We can promise you that you go home after the third day with a special sensation within you. The feeling after three days together with happy dogs and humans tends to stay.



  • The tour takes three days with two sleep overs. Food and housing is included in the tour from lunch time day one until lunch time day three.
  • We travel about 35-60 kilometres per day and we travel through mountain terrain.
  • There are 4-8 dogs per sled and every guest have their own sled. You may travel two per sled if you wish.
  • We stay overnight in a simple cabin, tent, tepee, or a bivouac, depending on what the group wishes for.
  • The guides travel with you thorough the entire tour and will help you with most. The guides are professional mountain guides.
  • The participants must be aged 16 years and older, and be used to outdoor lifestyle.
  • We provide you with sleeping bags and mattresses if you wish so. Suitable clothes is each guest’s own responsibility, but if you feel like you miss something we will gladly help you.
  • We send out a detailed PM with more information when booking the tour.


Prices: 6 800 SEK/person incl. tax.