Bear Exursion


Bear Exursion in Swedish wilderness.

A real wilderness experience for the whole family.
We walk trough the forest, quietly, so we dont disturb the wilderness. The chanse to see wildlife is much bigger if we walk as quite as we can.

If we are lucky we may se tracks from bears and elks. The possibiltiy to see them live is wey small but if we are lucky….

After a while we arrive to the bear cave and we promise that it is a exiting moment.

After our trip we gather around the fire and grill sausage and enjoy the silence of nature.

The tour takes about two hours and we walk about 3 km.
The tour starts at 18:00 Tuesday-Friday in Lima.

Welcome to a nice family adventure!


495:- SEK /adults
395;- SEK /children up to 8-12 years.

Grillmeal is included.
Sausage in bread and drink.

Brown Bear