Dogsled tours

Welcome to the Winter season of 2018/19

The tours that we offer take a different amount of time, and down below we describe each one of them.

Our aim is to offer different tours to be able to fit the taste of everyone, and therefore we have different alternatives to choose from.




The Wilderness Tour.


The Wilderness Tour is a good choice for many.

The tour is an hour long and passes through a stunning wilderness area north of Tandådalen.

For families with younger children, this is a perfect tour to start with. We travel family by family in sleds with windproof covers and reindeer fur to sit on, meaning that you will be sitting comfortable and protected in the sleds.

After the tour you have the possibility to warm yourself up in our large tepee with an open fire.


Facts about the Wilderness Tour:

  • The length of the tour is around 12 kilometres and takes about one hour.
  • There are around 5-8 dogs per sled.
  • You go family by family or group wise, and we distribute you among the sleds so that you are able to sit with each other.
  • You are more than welcome to try to control your own sled, and we encourage you to try if you are curious.
  • Warm clothes and shoes is a must if you want to enjoy the tour as much as possible.
  • There are always one or two guides with you on the tour.
  • After the tour you have the possibility to buy something to eat or drink in our tepee, which is placed at our starting area. Perhaps a coffee, a hot dog, or some goulash?


Adult 700 Sek/person
Children (up to 12 years) 500 Sek/person


Tour runs Tuesday  Thursday
Kl. 10.00    Kl 11.30    KL 13.00 Kl 10.00   Kl 11.30   Kl 13.00


´Närfjället hemsida

Mountain Tour.


The MountainTour is a bit longer and takes us further in to the mountain areas. The tour takes about 2 hours and we travel through one of the most beautiful areas in Sälenfjällen, and also is a big Nature Reserve because of the wilderness life and speciell flora. You are not allowed to drive snow mobiles here, and therefore the experience gets extra special because of the mountain’s silence.

After half the distance we stop by our tepee in Lägerdalsfjället and warm ourselves up by the open fire and have some hot chocolate. We get the chance to pet the dogs some extra before we return back to the civilisation.

This is our most popular tour which everyone can enjoy, whether or not you are young or old.


Facts about the Half Day Tour:

  • The length of the tour is around 16 kilometres and takes about 2 hours.
  • There are 6-8 dogs per sled.
  • You travel with your friends/family and are not mixed with other groups.
  • One or more guides travel with you on the tour.
  • We provide you with coffee/chocolate and a sandwich on the tour.
  • Feel free to run your own sled and there are 2-3 adults seated per sled.
  • Remember warm clothes to make the tour more enjoyable.


Adults: 900 SEK/person, Children: 600 SEK/person


The Tour Runs:

Wednesday, Fridays, and Saturdays. Starting times at 10.00 and 13.00



Lunch Tours.


Our lunch tours have gotten more and more popular over the last few years. The tour takes about 3 hours and includes a tasty and warming lunch after about half the distance. We travel through one of Sälenfjällen’s most beautiful mountain areas, and we pass through Synddalen and Öjskogsfjällets stunning hill sides where bears have their dens.

We stop by Lägerdalsfjället where we prepare and eat our lunch in our cosy hut with a sparkling fire. This is a nice family experience, and is also suitable for groups of friends or maybe even your work team.

We guarantee that you will experince a genuine wilderness experience when we travel through nature reserves and enjoy the silence of the mountains, since it is forbidden to drive snow mobiles here.


Facts about the Lunch Tour:


  • The length of the tour is about 20-22 kilometres and takes about three hours including lunch break.
  • We have 6-8 dogs per sled.
  • One or more guides travel with you on the tour.
  • You travel group wise and one sled fit about 2-3 adults. Feel free to try to run the sled yourself if you are curious.
  • Lunch is included in the price.
  • Remember warm clothes to make the tour more enjoyable.


Prices; Adults: 1200 SEK/person, Children: 700 SEK/person

The Tour Runs: Daily from Tuesdays to Saturdays. Start at 10.00



Marie i flocken

”Try-it-out” short tours.


Our try it out-tours runs daily on various facilities in Sälen. This tour is for you that wants to get to know how it feels to sit behind a group of excited huskies, but don’t want to be outside for too long. The tour takes about 10 minutes and goes around inside the facility.

A fun break from skiing and we guarantee that you will get a taste for more. Here you also get a chance to get to know the dogs and pet them, which they truly enjoy.


Facts short tours:

  • The length of the tour is 1.5 kilometres and takes about 10 minutes.
  • You sit on a big sled which is run by a guide. 2-4 persons can fit on the sled.


Peakpoints Dog Lodge

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 11.00 – 14.00


Prices: 100 SEK/ Person.

No booking needed. Drop in.