Kennel visit


Now is your chance to get an answer to the question we get every day in the winter! "What do the dogs do in the summer"? Take the opportunity to visit and cuddle with our kennel during the off-season.

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Cuddle and play with our kennel

Peakpoints is open during the summer for visitors to the kennel. Take the opportunity to visit the dogs in their home environment and see how sled dogs do in the summer when their hard work takes a little break.

You get the opportunity to see how they live, pet and scratch, and if we have puppies, play and cuddle with them.

We tell you about how the dogs are looked after and how the summer/autumn training takes place, and you also get a small demonstration of equipment and what you need for dog sled driving.

We also talk about the feeding and what is required in the way of fodder for them to cope with their hard work on the mountain.

We offer coffee/juice after the visit.

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Tider: Torsdagar och fredagar kl 10-12
Pris: 395 SEK/person
Barn: 295 SEK/person (tom 12 år).

3 quick about the kennel visit

About 1.5-2 hours
The kennel visit takes about 1.5-2 hours
One or two guides
1–2 guides participate during the visit
Fika is included
Coffee is included in the price

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